Advisory Work

Jan 1, 2023

I’m an advisor and a board member for several growth-stage startups. I help each team accelerate profitable growth: marketing measurement and ROI, product org design, engineering roadmap and processes, sales + marketing processes and systems, and hiring. Some of my engagements included:

  • Physical retailer with a powerful digital footprint. Growth org design to develop a world-class digital acquisition capability. Template for interop between product and marketing. Assessment of potential leaders for the new organization.

  • D2C beauty e-tailer. LTV and CAC frameworks, channel investment prioritization. Agency vs in-house evaluation. Coaching for the newly hired head of growth.

  • B2B software marketplace. Strategy development for market expansion. Coaching for commercial org leaders. Marketing ROAS framework.

  • B2C ecommerce company. Evaluation of current org capabilities. Strategy development to accelerate growth. Marketing/finance interop model.

  • B2B agriculture tech company. Strategy development to accelerate growth. Interop between marketing/product and marketing/sales. Org design.

  • Health and beauty services company. Digital presence strategy, growth investment plan, CRM system design for online + offline usage.

  • Financial services marketplace. Strategy development, pricing. Growth marketing tactics.


I work on a retainer basis, with a typical engagement costing $10k/month, which includes 10 hours of work. I can scale this up or down based on the clients’ needs. I do not accept startup equity as advisory compensation.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to get in touch, send me a note at [alex94040 AT gmail DOT com].

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