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How Hungryroot Leverages AI to Create a Better Customer Experience (VIDEO)

Thanks to Kaitlyn Meade and the team at Digital Food and Beverage Summit for inviting Hungryroot and allowing me to share some of our stories!

Some of the questions Kaitlyn asked me:

  1. What are some of the AI use cases and innovations that Hungryroot implemented?

  2. When making recommendations based on customer answers, Hungryroot needs to trust that people actually buy what they say they want. How do you deal with the potential gap there?

  3. Hungryroot has the benefit of a lot of first-person data – how are you communicating to them the value they receive in return for their data? How are you communicating that you’re maintaining trust and privacy with their data?  

  4. Any advice for people just starting out on the personalization journey who do not yet have the same depth of 1-1 customer data?

  5. How are customer expectations still changing in your view? Are they changing in response to inflation, for example, and can you talk a bit about using AI to meet those expectations?

  6. You mentioned that AI is helpful in reducing food waste for customers – how are you using AI to help tackle America’s food waste on both the customer and grocery sides?

  7. What’s next for AI?

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